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Project Description

GlamSmile Veneers

GlamSmile is a breakthrough new European system that easily and painlessly delivers perfect, custom-designed veneers individually to each desired tooth.

Being “minimal prep” veneers means in most cases there is no need to grind or shave away healthy tooth structure (unlike the painful process of traditional veneers) making GlamSmile a comfortable, safe and best of all, truly affordable.

ONLY two visits to The Smile Clinic Dental Specialist Centre at TTDI will be sufficient for a new and radiant smile!

During the first consultation, we will take your “before” photographs. Your facial feature, lips shape, skin colour, gums condition etc are taking into consideration by your dentist when designing your new smile. You can discuss with your dentist what you would like to change in your teeth and an impression of your teeth may be made.

At the second visit, your GlamSmile veneers are placed and you go home with a stunning new smile!

What makes GlamSmile veneers so unique?

 Safe and painless:

GlamSmile veneers are affixed to the teeth. Generally this does not affect the healthy tooth structure. In contrast to conventional veneers, where the teeth have to be ground, the Glamsmile veneers are so thin (0.3 mm) that the healthy tooth structure generally does not have to be touched. Painless, no injections but a new smile in an instant.

 Fast and comfortable:

GlamSmile developed a special tray which precisely fits your dental arch and which allows the dentist to fit 6 to 10 veneers at once on your dental arch. We call it the “positioning tray”, and it’s a patented invention. The veneers are made at the GlamSmile Lab and placed in the positioning tray to ensure that all your veneers fit perfectly when the tray is inserted. Contrary to traditional veneers, which are attached to the teeth one by one, the GlamSmile process translate into an enormous time saving for the dentist and for you. Ten veneers are fitted in 60 minutes at a GlamSmile dentist’s office, while 200 minutes would be required for the traditional method. You’ll need just two visits to the dentist for stunning teeth and a white smile.

 Ultimate precision:

GlamSmile’s special 3D software makes it possible to draw the veneers digitally with the highest precision possible before they are produced. Our Smile Designers custom draws every veneer individually to a fraction of a millimetre. This procedure guarantees that the veneers will fit your teeth and gums perfectly.

GlamSmile Veneers bring back your confidence and a beautiful smile if your teeth are:

 Worn Down

Let’s experience the vibrant and joy of a stunning smile with family, friends, and business associates.

Call our dental office for a complimentary consult with our Glamsmile Dentists. It’s the first step to your new perfect smile.

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