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Tips & tricks for a stunning smile, day after day

Tips & tricks for a stunning smile, day after day A beautiful and well cared-for set of teeth is your best visiting card! That is why good dental hygiene is of great importance. You thus prevent plaque. That is after all the greatest cause of problems in the mouth. Just think of cavities (caries), inflamed gums (gingivitis) and periodontal problems (periodontitis). White teeth Few people have white teeth by nature. The colour of our teeth [...]

5 steps to perfect smile

5 steps to perfect smile The perfect smile is different for everyone, nevertheless some rules exist for a harmonious result. In addition to the shape, the colour and the proportions of your face and lips, GlamSmile also takes into account many other elements when creating your veneers. These are the 5 most important ones: Step 1 Colour of teeth in balance with the white of your eyes. We krijgen een harmonieus evenwicht als de kleur [...]

Make up your smile

Make up your smile Do you want just that little extra boost? Make-up will give you the finishing touch! Some women look gorgeous with bright red lips, others should stick to soft pink or burgundy. The shape of your lips also defines your smile. We will let you in on some of our Smile Secrets. Visit us regularly to discover new smile secrets! Smile secret 1: Lipstick If you wear orange-like lipstick, which is a [...]

10 Years Younger

10 Years Younger Nothing is more rejuvenating than a beautiful, white smile. If nothing else can, these photographs will convince you. No more wrinkles! No woman escapes fine wrinkles on the upper lip. A nice side-effect of veneers is that the upper lip gets better support and the skin is actually "stretched". Youthful "Smile Line" Our teeth gradually wear through the years. The outlines of the upper teeth fade and our dental arch becomes flatter. [...]

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